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California Bricks

Welcome to California Bricks! Names on bricks have intrigued those who have discovered them in their homes, backyards, or while out hiking. These markings were applied by the brickmaker to advertise his/her name or product. Some bricks may display artwork or just numbers. Others hint of its uses or destination.

Presented below are the marked bricks that were made in California. Some are examples from my collection, some are photographed from sidewalks and buildings, and some are from the collections of others, so acknowledged. The name of the brickmaker, location of the brickyard, and the manufacturing year or years for the brick are given. When the exact year of manufacture is unknown, the period of the brickyard operation is given instead.

In the menu tab on the top of this page can be found additional information on the history of brickmaking in California, collecting bricks, and discoveries in brick identification.

My former California Bricks website, which was at, was removed and has been replaced by this new website. Some of the former web pages can be seen on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website, by entering the old URL into its search box. But please be aware that the information on the former website is not up to date. I hope that I will be able to display similar information on this new website as it gets rebuilt.

As this is a work-in-progress, the information here is not to be considered final or complete, but may change with further research. I hope that you will find this useful or just fun to explore.  

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